From Then to Now.

In the last year, I have gone through a lot of changes……

In March 2014, I was newly married, living in my parents basement with my husband (and SO thankful for that!) but was in a bit of a rut. My husband and I were both not taking as good of care of ourselves as we should have been.


Jacob is an avid runner and loves exercising. With all the changes that we’d been going through, that dropped low on his priority list. Me? I didn’t exercise. AT ALL. EVER.

I taught dance one day a week for 2 hours. That was it.

We were feeling….happy but not like ourselves. We were feeling fluffy. Uncomfortable in our skin. Confident as the people we were but not as great as we knew we could feel.

So….we decided to make a change. I began by committing to one SUPER HEALTHY meal every day. Shakeology. In just one month, I lost 5lbs. That following month, Jacob wanted to join in and try Shakeology every day. He immediately felt better. We both felt less bloated, had AMAZING digestion changes, and felt more energetic.


Now came the workouts. I decided that if I was going to do this and get my life back on track, I was going to do it right. No get quick scheme. I wasn’t going to hope that a miracle pill or drink would make me lose weight, tone up and feel great. SO I COMMITTED.

I committed to creating healthy habits. I bought a workout program, Jacob bought a workout program and we began working out once a day.

Before we started our journey.


In the beginning…. I HATED IT. 100% HATED EVERY MOMENT OF IT. I was embarrassed by what I couldn’t do. I was embarrassed by how I looked. I locked my self in a room while I would workout and would not let Jacob near me. I would snap and be so rude to him. Ugh. I HATE thinking about the way I treated him.

——————-Jump forward to now————————-

Oh. My. Gosh.

We are SO much happier! Our relationship is better. We workout TOGETHER. I am proud of the person I am and proud of the person my husband is. I feel confident in sharing my journey and my story. I am PROUD of where I started.


Sure, the weightloss is great BUT the real benefit to working out and creating healthy habits is that is changes your SOUL.

I WHOLE HEARTEDLY believe that we exercise to change ourselves from the inside out. And by that, I mean to grow as a person and to find ourselves. To take that person that we know we are and bring it to the service. By sweating through the pain, pushing through the struggles, and celebrating the success, we are building a BETTER VERSION OF OURSELVES. We sweat out the negative thoughts. The negative memories. And we breathe in something so raw and beautiful. We breathe in a NEW LIFE.

I am thankful for the place I started and I am thankful for the place I am now. I am thankful for what the future will bring me and so thankful for EVERYONE who has encouraged me and pushed me on this journey.

Because of this journey, I am becoming a better wife. A better daughter. A better sister. A better teacher. A better Christian. A better mentor. A better leader. A better disciple.


I am not perfect. {not. even. close} But the person I am becoming is the person that I know God created me to be. A confident woman, who has experienced struggle and discouragement, but is ready to invite people into her circle to give both love and support to those who may be desperately seeking it.

❤ Megan


Healthy Changes Before TTC

Hello all! I am here today starting a new series of blog entries all about TTC!

First off, what does TTC stand for? TTC means “trying to conceive.” Since Jacob and I got married, I have been preparing my body for TTC. (Meaning, we aren’t trying to conceive yet but I am preparing for when we do!)

This particular post is going to be about the healthy changes I have made to help prepare my body for trying to conceive. I would suggest these same changes to those who are hoping to get pregnant in the next year or so.


Here are my tips:

1) Limit caffeine – Now, I won’t lie, I have coffee every few days with my Shakeology but I make sure that it is only one cup a day. I drink soda on a VERY rare occasion. Caffeine is linked to fertility difficulties however, it is said that 1 or 2 glasses of coffee daily is okay. (YAY!)

2) Start prenatal vitamins – Part of the reason why I started using Shakeology was because it would help me reach my fitness goals AND it’s a great prenatal! In addition, I recently starting taking extra folic acid (Which I will verify with my dr at my next visit!)

3) Lose weight – Your weight can make a huge difference on how easy or difficult it is to conceive.  I know that before I got pregnant, I wanted to lose weight. Every 10 pounds lost, makes conception that much “easier.” I have lost 20lbs since March and believe that I am now at a great weight to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.

4) Reduce alcohol intake – I have not 100% cut out alcohol but I drink it on a rare occasion.  I want my body to be as healthy as it can before we TTC. IN addition, studies show that reducing alcohol and coffee intake can INCREASE fertility. (Read article here)

5) Healthy eating – This was a pretty simple change, because it wasn’t much of a change at all! The biggest thing I have changed recently is trying to limit the number of chemicals and processed foods we eat. We are not perfect by any means but some things we have changed and we feel much better because of it!

healthy changes before TTC

BONUS TIP:  As we all know, making a baby is not a one person job which means we need to get dad-to-be on board with these healthy changes! Jacob has also lost weight, is watching what he eats, and is limiting alcohol intake.  For other tips, check out this post on

That’s all for this post! I have decided that I will do 5 posts in regards to these tips above so stay tuned for episode 1/5!  Also – please take the poll below!

Thank you all for stopping by! Love you lots!


Holiday Gift Guide 2014 || Fitness & Nutrition

holiday gift guide 2014

Hello friends! I am here to give you a sneak peek into what I feel are the #1 gifts for that fit friend or health nut in your life.

These items range from $10-$140 and are all great quality items!  Would you want any of these items in YOUR stocking or under the tree this year?!

#1: Define Bottle || Price range $14.99-29.99 (7oz to 17oz)


This water bottle is not only gorgeous but it is an easy way to infuse delicious fruits (or veggies) into your water! This is a must have for those who are trying to kick a bad habit (say goodbye to soda, friends!) or those who LOVE their water!

#2: Iphone or Ipod Belt

I have been looking for a belt to hold my iPhone so I can listen to music when working out.  I have not found one that I like because honestly, I wanted one that looked cute!

I found the FlipBelt online and plan to add it to my workout gear! (It’s so cute, right?!)


This FlipBelt runs for $28.99 and you can match it to any outfit!

#3: Shakeology || Price Range $19.99 – $129.99

Yes. I’m putting this on my Holiday Gift Guide for 2014, go figure, right?! 😉

Most of you know that I have been drinking Shakeology for 8 (isn) months and IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. After Jacob and I got married, we both started doing Beachbody fitness programs including Shakeology.  Since starting, we have both lost around 20lbs.  For anyone who knows us, this is huge! We are both pretty fit individuals (I have been a dancer my entire life and Jacob is an avid runner/athlete) but with our wedding and work we had both kind of let ourselves slide with our healthy habits.


Shakeology is a DELICIOUS treat for anyone looking to amp up their fitness/nutrition habits including those wanting to lose weight.  I love this stuff so much that I want to share it with EVERYONE!  Heck, I will probably sneaking Shakeology packets in everyones stockings this year 😉

To learn more click here or email me at

#4: Gap gFast Leggings || Price: 59.95


These leggings are my faaaaavorite! Now, I have a hard time with leggings because I am relatively tall and my pants ALWAYS fall down.  NOT THESE. I love them so much. These are definitely a must-have in my closet.

#5: C9 by Champion Headbands || Price: $9.99 (This link will take you to Target where these headbands are ON CLEARANCE!)


I bought these not too long ago and I LOVE them.  They have rubber on the back so they do not slip and the colors are vibrant!  They get the job done and the price is unbeatable!

#6: Bulu Box || $10

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription sample box containing 4 to 5 premium vitamin and supplement nutrition samples delivered to your door. Their goal is to introduce people to the benefits of vitamins and supplements by giving them the opportunity to discover and try new products before they buy them in full size (or at full price!).


A gift like this is awesome because it gives the recipient MANY different things to try and for the gift giver – it’s a great price!

These are my top 6 items for that fitness savvy friend! What are top on your list for someone who is into fitness and nutrition? Share below!


The Beauty Behind Influenster


Many of you know that a few years ago I started on Influenster.

What is Influenster? Influenster is a social networking (invite only) site where people rate and answer questions about products, fill our surveys and chat with other. At stages during your journey with Influnester, you may be sent free full-size products for free to try and review!

What VoxBoxes have I received?!

I was so honored to be chosen to receive these boxes and products complimentary of Influenster for review purposes.

Now you may want to know…. which box was my favorite and why?!


The Beauty Blogger VoxBox was my favorite to date.  The products I received in this box were:

  • NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact
  • Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit
  • Pumpkin Cupcake – Bath and Body Works Mini Candle
  • Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin
  • Not Your Mothers Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream

I ended up using all of these products and LOVED all of them! The Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin’s are AMAZING.  If you haven’t tried them, YOU MUST! GO GO GO!

Did you know, since I started Influenster, it has gone through some MAJOR changes?! Since I started in 2012, Influester has:

  • changed their entire website during the Relaunch
  • created an AMAZING app (go check it out!)
  • launched a new section of the website called TheHub which contains posts from fellow Influensters!

Influenster is an invite only “subscription box” style program.  If you want to be part of this amazing community, leave a comment below with your email address and I will invite you!

Thanks for reading!


Now Recruiting Dancers for a Test Group!


I am looking for 5-10 dancers that are interested in testing out PiYo!

piyo dance

What is PiYo? PiYo is an authentic, incredibly effective body-transformation program! It will combine Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves, all set to a faster pace, so you get your strength, flexibility, & cardio all in each workout. Low impact + high intensity = AMAZING results!

Why do I want dancers? PiYo is one of those programs that look like it was MADE for us dancers.  It not only helps you to elongate and stretch your muscles, you will tighten your core and learn how to control every part of your body. The moves practiced in PiYo are similar to those I see at dance competition. You will not only work on your leg strength but also your arms, upper body, back, calves – If you have it, you’ll work it!

What do I need to do to be part of the group? If you are interested in this test group, please fill out the survey below,  comment, find me here or email me at

How does this work? We will try it together for one month and you will have a weekly survey. I want to know how this program is helping you with your dance skills! Maybe you were never able to hold your releve for longer than 60 seconds but now you can for 2 minutes. I want to know! 🙂

Not a dancer but know of one who might be interested? Refer a dancer (share the facebook post, post this on their wall, comment their name below etc) and be entered to win a FREE PiYo workout DVD!‼

I look forward to hearing from you!


Watermelon, baby!

Benefits of watermelon are pretty self explanatory – watermelon keeps you hydrated! This is not only incredibly important for the summer heat but it also will help keep you from getting bloated, being exhausted and having other internal discomfort. Staying hydrated allows your body to function how it is meant to and will in turn, make you feel a hundred times happier and healthier!

TIP: Make watermelon popsicles to change things up! Click here for one of my favorite recipes.

Do you have a unique way you eat or serve watermelon? Share with us!